Thursday, April 8, 2010

Family Weekend in Venice

This past travel weekend, I met my mom and dad in Venice. It was the first time I had seen them since January 14, so it was great to meet up with them! They flew into Venice and then went to Florence and on to Rome. On Saturday, I took the train into Venice and had to navigate my way to their hotel, which was pretty hard to find. It ended up being really close to Piazza San Marco and was a great location. I was sitting in the hotel waiting for them and they knocked on the window behind me. It was great to finally see them again!

I got to do a lot of things I hadn’t done the two times I went to Venice, so it was a lot of fun. We took a walking tour and went into the Doge’s Palace and through the Bridge of Sighs to the prison cells. Then we took a water taxi over to Murano and watched glass making at Ferro-Lazzarini. It was amazing to watch him because he made it look so easy. On Saturday night, we took a gondola through the canal and past Marco Polo and Casanova’s house then under the Bridge of Sighs. It was so quiet and all you could hear was the paddle against the water. It was a gorgeous evening!

On Monday, my parents came up to Paderno and I showed them around the campus. It was a beautiful day and we walked to Crespano and then ate at the pizzeria. I’m so glad they got to see where I’ve been for the past three months! It was a great weekend and I can’t wait to see them again soon!

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